If you are ready to take massive action, achieve exponential results and maximise your potential, then One to One Coaching with Sophia is for you.


Think of some of the most successful people you know:

Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams.

They will ALL tell you

that having a coach has been a catalyst for their success!

So you really have two options:

You can either try and do it alone, learn from your own mistakes, spend a considerable amount of time AND money and still be uncertain of the end result.


Work with someone who can help you avoid mistakes that could cost you a significant mount of time and money and will help you optimise your personal and professional life and achieve massive results.


“I worked with Sophia for 3 months in the capacity of leadership coaching and was thrilled with the results.  Sophia is a coach with significant skill and passion in what she does.  I always came away from a session feeling that she is committed to my growth, self development and ultimately success while still leaving the ownership of the results with me.  

 It is also a pleasure to work with another woman who has significant experience of the business world and knows the gender related barriers we face.

 In terms of results, Sophia has helped me achieve goals that I had previously thought were beyond my reach such as successfully speaking at +500 person industry conference and getting a big work promotion.  

 I’m very happy with the results of coaching with Sophia over a short amount of time and plan to continue working with her to continue unlocking further opportunities!”

Dina, large global software company

Make a decision NOW to wake up tomorrow and look for opportunities, not excuses!

We all have something that we want to achieve:

higher income, better relationships, a promotion, a business that takes off….


Working towards any kind of goal is like walking through a jungle, with low visibility and hundreds of challenges along the way.

If you manage to navigate your way through the jungle, you can get to the life you want.

Most people fail to see the environment around them as it truly is.

They usually see their circumstances worst than they are, hence underestimating their possibilities and missing out on opportunities.

Focusing on the challenges ahead will give you reasons NOT to do something and what’s not possible will always be available. But so is what’s possible!

When it comes down to YOUR life, every single move you make is important.

So make every move count!

One to One Coaching will get you to answer one very important question:

“What don’t I know?”

Once you have the answer to this question you will be able to:

– Anticipate the challenges ahead of you and as a result you’ll be able to plan and not react.

– Get access to the precise strategies that will help you get to the next level and keep on top of your game

– Understand why you act the way you do and what guides your decision making process and get a system in place that will help you make the right decisions even under stressful circumstances

As a result you will:

– Stop trading your time for money; working harder is not a guarantee for additional income, working smarter is!

– Be more focused and clear on what you want to achieve

– Create meaning in your life.

But most important of all you will understand that:

The only thing that will keep you from achieving what you want,

is your perception of what you are or are not capable of!

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